BDNA Launch at Software 2005

Watch BDNA's CEO Constandine Delivanis announcing the ne xt big thing at Software 2005 Conference (click here for video)

BDNA UNVEILS BDNA PRODUCT SOLUTIONS AT SOFTWARE 2005 New Software Merging Business Intelligence with IT Governance is Embraced by For tune 100 and U.S. Navy Santa Clara, Calif., April 26, 2005\227BDNA Corporation, an innovator in Busines s Intelligence for IT Governance, today unveiled its groundbreaking BDNA Product Solutions at Sand Hill Group's Software 2005 Conference. BDNA Product Solutions is the first end-to-end software suite to automatically aggregate all technolog y assets and business data from a broad set of sources, then enable analysis and provide the business intelligence to act on key corporate initiatives. "BDNA has been instrumental in our IT transformation journey," said Toby Redshaw , vice president of IT strategy, Motorola. "BDNA allowed Motorola to rapidly gat her empirical data as a shared foundation for cross functional decision making. BDNA's analytics helped us identify high-value, low-complexity initiatives. Fina lly, BDNA quantified implementation progress on targeted initiatives. It would b e hard to imagine how we could have done all this without BDNA." BDNA Product Solutions supports IT decision making, no matter how large or compl ex the enterprise. It is the only solution providing executives in IT, finance, and procurement the complete business intelligence to support corporate initiati ves ranging from IT remediation and consolidation, to asset reconciliation, stan dardization and end-of-life governance. BDNA Product Solutions has already been proven to support strategic IT initiatives at organizations such as Kaiser Perma nente, Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT), The Thomson Corporation (NYSE: TOC), and the U .S. Navy, with many customers seeing tangible results in a matter of days and pa yback in a matter of weeks. "IT spending is expected to reach fifty percent of capital expenditures by next year, bringing these budgets to 'material' scale in most large companies," said Glenn Wienkoop, president BDNA. "BDNA's mission is to provide IT, finance, and p rocurement with on-demand intelligence based on an accurate and persistent pictu re of the existing IT technology portfolio. This intelligence encompasses all so ftware and hardware, aligning analytics with real world initiatives to drive con crete value for IT."