Increasing product shipment availability at H ellenic Petroleum with HP Software

Hellenic Petroleum uses a highly advanced and complex truck loading system that automates and controls the product loading on trucks and vessels for shipment. A downtime of the truck loading system impacts the delivery of products to the c ustomers of Hellenic Petroleum, and increasing its availability, translates dire ctly to increasing product delivery. In the event of a failure, precious time w as spent by Hellenic Petroleum IT support and vendors identifying the fault area in a complex shipment automation system that comprises of server, storage, oper ating systems, clusters, databases, applications, controls and networks. HP Sof tware was deployed to monitor the IT infrastructure that supports the truck load ing services to provide pro-active monitoring of the service and identify right away the fault area, in order to inform the appropriate support party through SM S and/or Email. Also, a service view was implemented to map the technology to t he business service. The solution delivered is using HP Openview Operations for Windows and Database Smart Plug-Ins with customized monitors for the truck load ing system applications and interfaces. About Hellenic Petroleum: Hellenic Petroleum is a leading energy company in SE Europe and the largest indu strial and commercial company in Greece. Hellenic Petroleum\222s main current b usiness activities comprise Refining and Marketing of petroleum products (R&M), Petrochemicals and Natural Gas. The company owns and operates three of the four refineries in Greece and covers the 73% of the local oil products demand. Helle nic Petroleum also covers the 23% of the retail petroleum products consumption i n Greece, being present in more than 1300 retail stations throughout the country and operating a strong network of LPG, industrial, aviation, marine and lubrica nts sales. Hellenic Petroleum Group had net sales of 8.1 billion in 2006 and emp loyees 5,425 people.

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