High Demand from Telco Sector for Parallon Solutions

With the evolution of Telecom companies from land line telephony, to mobile telephony, to internet and network providers and now managed services provider we are experiencing high demand this year for our solutions. These evolutions led to the development of autonomous OSS areas within the Telecom organizations that have a very high number of synergies amongst them. Due to the high growth of the technology sectors in the the past two decades, the majority of the Telecom providers chose to let them grow independent from the operational point of view in order not to slow down the growth. However, in the past few years we witnessed internal consolidation efforts to lower the operating costs, make the offerings more competitive and increase the profitability. In addition to consolidation of technology operational areas, Telecom companies are giving emphasis in increasing the quality of their services in order to survive the fierce price competition that exists today.

Parallon has been delivering IT Infrastructure, Service Management and Operational Support solutions for Telecom companies, since it's inception 9 years ago, and it's offerings are ahead of the game and in high demand these days. Over the years Parallon has delivered solutions for management of mobile telephony operational and Business support areas from monitoring of infrastructure and billing systems to service support solutions for incident, change and problem management. In Internet and Network Service Providers we have delivered monitoring and reporting of DSL infrastructure, core and access network management and Service Level Management solutions with integrated OSS support areas, SLA reports and integration to the back-end BSS areas. Telecom groups are also evolving now as Managed Services Providers and besides being Parallon customers are now becoming our partners where we jointly market and deliver solutions to their customers, primarily the banking and government sectors.
In the snapshot below from an SLM solution, the alarms from Element Management Systems accross the organization are centralized, filtered and correlated in HP Service Navigator in order to give a Telecom organization a customer service view. A Telecom Managed Services Provider will know right away where the problem is when providing national or international network services to their customers and eliminate the root of the problem immedietly thus providing a high quality service and meeting their SLAs.

SLA Monitor

About Parallon Systems: Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, Parallon is an Information Technology Infrastructure and Service management consulting firm operating in South/East Europe, Middle East and Africa. Parallon is a regional Resource Alliance Partner, a Services Value Integrator and Gold Business partner of Hewlett-Packard. Parallon has delivered HP Software solutions in more than 40 customers in 10 countries in the telecommunications, banking and petrochemical sectors and has local offices in Athens and Dubai.